Fee Schedule as of 7th July 2014

8.30am to 4.00pm $72.85 Hourly rate of $17.45 per hour for less than 5 hours
Late Collection Fee $1.00 per minute unless pre-arranged
Public Holidays Full fees apply Service Closed
Community Vision Levy 65 cents per hour

Prices include all meals (morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea) and fees for playgroup sessions. Nappies and milk for bottles to be supplied by parents.

Holidays and Sickness
Full fees are charged for holiday, public holiday and sick absences, although you are entitled to a number of absences with your CCB and CCR and will still receive the relevant refunds for those absent days.

Enrolment Bond
An enrolment bond is required at the time of confirmation of permanent care. This consists of two weeks full fees at contracted hours/days (inc. levy). If at any time you increase/decrease your child’s hours/days the levy will need to be adjusted accordingly.

When notice of cessation of care is given the bond will be used as credit for the last two weeks of care. Any remaining credit will be refunded.

Cancellation of Care
Two weeks written notice must be given in advance of care being cancelled otherwise the enrolment bond will be non-returnable. If a child does not attend during the notice period then full fees will apply for those days and CCB cannot be claimed.

Child Care Benefit (CCB)
Community Vision Family Day Care Service administers the child care benefit. Parents are expected to supply all relevant information required and notify Community Vision if they have other children in approved care services when they have a child/children attending the service. Parents must inform Community Vision if their child/children will no longer be attending any future Community Vision Family Day Care Services.

Child Care Benefit – What is it?
Parents planning to start care with a Family Day Care Educator are required to apply for a Customer Reference Number and where they are eligible, Child Care Benefit (CCB) prior to starting care. CCB is a payment made to service providers on behalf of Parents, by the Family Assistance Office to assist with the costs of childcare. Australian residents using childcare provided by approved childcare services may receive CCB. CCB is means tested.

Parents approved for CCB are able to choose to receive CCB through fee reductions or as lump sum payment following their tax returns from the Australian Taxation Office.

CCB may be approved to families for
• Up to 24 hours per week
• Up to 50 hours per week
• 24-hour period of care
If you require more than 50 hours, you can apply to the FAO for “Increased Eligible Hours”.

How to apply for CCB
To apply for Child Care Benefit you will need to be assessed for Child Care Benefit by The Department of Human Services, Family Assistance Office. Once this is completed you will be given an individual Customer Reference Number for the Claimant Parent and each child. Once you have these Customer Reference Numbers, please advise your Educator or the Service (9247 7777). Once these numbers have been recorded by the Service and submitted to the Family Assistance Office for validation we are able to download your CCB details immediately. Parents can call the Family Assistance Office (FAO) on 13 61 50, or 13 12 02 for multi-lingual services. Alternatively, Parents can call into their nearest Family Assistance Office.

Important things to remember

• Please have the correct Customer Reference Number for the Claimant Parent
(The enrolment form must be in the name of the Claimant parent)
• Please have the correct Customer Reference Number for your child / children
• Please ensure that the dates of birth given on the enrolment form are correct for the claimant parent and child/ren.
• Once you have been assessed for child care benefit you can choose to have your entitlements paid in a lump sum or as reduced fees – please speak to the Family Assistance Office about this.
• Once you have been assessed for Child Care Benefit you may be eligible for the
Child Care Tax Rebate (CCR).

Families who are granted Child Care Benefit as reduced fees are responsible for

• Keeping their copy of the Family Assistance Office (FAO) CCB Assessment Notice.
• Advising the FAO either before or as soon as possible if they have a change in circumstance such as:
- Changes in family income
- Change of child care service
- Change of partnering arrangements
- Death of the person who claims CCB
- When a child attending care becomes a school-aged child
- When a child enters or leaves care
- When a sibling enters the service

Child Care Rebate (CCR) – What is it?
Child Care Rebate assists parents or guardians who are working, studying or training with their out of pocket child care costs. To receive the Child Care Rebate you must claim Child Care Benefit, even if you receive 0%.

The Child Care Rebate is not income tested.
If you are using an Approved Child Care Service for work, training or study-related reasons, the Government will provide you with up to 50 percent of your out-of-pocket child care costs.

How is the Child Care Rebate paid?

There are four ways to receive your Child Care Rebate:
• Direct to your Approved Child Care Service, paid fortnightly
• Direct to your bank account, paid fortnightly
• Quarterly payment to your bank account
• Annual payment to your bank account
The payment option you choose for the Child Care Rebate will be applied for the entire current financial year. A new payment option cannot be applied until the start of the next financial year, unless exceptional circumstances apply.

Please note: Failure to pay fees puts your child’s place in jeopardy. Please ensure you discuss any payment problems with me as soon as possible.

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